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Apointer platform for the process of scheduling and managing appointments for businesses and organizations. These software tools are used across various industrie.

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Our Features

Accept online bookings

Enable hassle-free online bookings through our intuitive platform.Easily accept bookings online with our mobile-optimized booking website.

Notifications vai sms/email

Stay informed with instant notifications via SMS and email.Keep your clients updated with timely notifications sent straight to their mobile devices.

Client & Admin App

Access your booking management system anytime, anywhere with our dedicated mobile app.Empower your clients and administrators.

Accept Payments

Securely accept payments for bookings through our integrated payment gateway.Offer flexible payment options to your clients with our secure payment system.

Integration & API

Integrate our appointment management system seamlessly with your existing software through our robust API .Leverage the power of integration.

Custom Features

Tailor your appointment management system with custom features to suit your unique business needs.Unlock advanced functionalities.


Personalize your booking website and admin interface with custom branding and design options.Customize every aspect of your appointment.

Products & Promotions

Boost sales and engagement by offering products and promotions alongside your appointment bookings.Drive revenue growth with integrated product.

Apointer Booking System Formal Service Based Industries

Apointer is a appointment management application for the process of scheduling and managing appointments for businesses and organizations. These application tools are used across various industries to automate and organize the appointment-setting process, making it more efficient for both service providers and clients


Our Plan

Explore tailored plans designed specifically to suit your unique schedule and budget requirements perfectly


99.99 EGP/month

999.99 EGP/ yearly

  • Staff add limit: 5
  • Daily appointment: 10
  • Monthly appointment: 150
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  • Staff Limit: 5
  • Daily Appointment Limit: 10
  • Monthly Appointment Limit: 150

99.99 EGP/Month

999.99 EGP/ Year

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149.99 EGP/month

1,399.99 EGP/ yearly

  • Staff add limit: 10
  • Daily appointment: 12
  • Monthly appointment: 300
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  • Staff Limit: 10
  • Daily Appointment Limit: 12
  • Monthly Appointment Limit: 300

149.99 EGP/Month

1,399.99 EGP/ Year

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199.99 EGP/month

1,999.99 EGP/ yearly

  • Staff add limit: 15
  • Daily appointment: 15
  • Monthly appointment: 450
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  • Staff Limit: 15
  • Daily Appointment Limit: 15
  • Monthly Appointment Limit: 450

199.99 EGP/Month

1,999.99 EGP/ Year

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399.99 EGP/month

3,999.99 EGP/ yearly

  • Staff add limit: 25
  • Daily appointment: 50
  • Monthly appointment: 1500
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  • Staff Limit: 25
  • Daily Appointment Limit: 50
  • Monthly Appointment Limit: 1500

399.99 EGP/Month

3,999.99 EGP/ Year

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What is Benefits of Apointer

Apointer application for the process of scheduling and managing appointments for businesses and organaization

  • Time Efficiency

    Automates appointment scheduling, reducing the need for manual coordination and communication

  • Improved Customer Experience

    Provides a convenient and user-friendly experience for clients, enhancing customer satisfaction

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Who will be Beneficial by Apointer

Doctor & Healthcare Provider
Business Consultants
Lawyers & Attorneys
Professional Trainer
Financial Advisor
Tutors & Teachers

What Says Our Happy Clients

for Effortless Scheduling
By John Doe

Apointer has truly transformed the way I manage appointments for my business. With its intuitive interface and robust features, scheduling appointments has become a breeze. I can easily set up appointments, manage my calendar, and even send automated reminders to clients.

for User-Friendly
By David Smith

As a busy professional, I rely on Apointer to keep my schedule organized, and it hasn't disappointed. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to quickly book appointments, sync my calendar across devices, and access important client information on the go.

for Reliable
By Alex Hae

Apointer has been a lifesaver for my small business. It's packed with all the features I need to efficiently manage appointments and streamline my workflow. I love how customizable it is—I can tailor it to fit my specific needs and branding. Plus, the ability to accept online bookings has been a game-changer.

for Seamless Integration
By Steve Warn

Apointer has simplified my appointment management process like never before. The seamless integration with my existing systems and tools has made the transition effortless. I particularly appreciate the automation features like reminders and follow-ups, which have helped me stay organized.

Frequently Asked Question

Apointer is an intuitive online platform designed to simplify appointment scheduling and management for businesses of all sizes.
Apointer allows users to create, manage, and track appointments efficiently through its user-friendly interface. Users can set availability, accept bookings, and send reminders to clients.
Yes, Apointer caters to various industries, including healthcare, beauty, education, and professional services. It's adaptable to different scheduling needs and can be customized to fit your business requirements.
Security is a top priority at Apointer. We employ industry-standard encryption and security protocols to safeguard your data and ensure privacy and confidentiality.
Getting started with Apointer is easy! Simply sign up for an account, customize your settings, and start scheduling appointments hassle-free.

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